Contract Document Results

Title Teaser Price Quantity
D503–2013 Guide for Sustainable Projects, including Commentary on the AIA Sustainable Projects Documents $0.00 - 0
E201-2007 E201-2007, Digital Data Protocol Exhibit $9.99 - each
G602-1993 G602-1993, Request for Proposal-Geotechnical Services $19.99 - each
G612-2001 Owner’s Instructions Regarding the Construction Contract, Insurance and Bonds, and Bidding Procedures $0.00 - Free
G701-2017 Change Order $99.99 - 50-pack
G701CMa-1992 G701CMa-1992, (NOW G732-2009) Change Order, Construction Manager-Adviser Edition $49.99 - 50-pack
G702-1992 Application and Certificate for Payment $99.99 - 50-pack
G703-1992 Continuation Sheet $99.99 - 50 Count
G704-2017 G704-2017, Certificate of Substantial Completion $99.99 - 50 Count
G704CMa-1992 G704CMa-1992, Certificate of Substantial Completion, Construction Manager-Adviser Edition $49.99 - 50-pack
G705-2001 G705-2001, List of Subcontractors $49.99 - 50-pack
G706-1994 G706-1994, Contractor's Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims $99.99 - 50-pack
G706A-1994 G706A-1994, Contractor's Affidavit of Release of Liens $99.99 - 50-pack
G707-1994 G707-1994, Consent of Surety to Final Payment $99.99 - 50-pack
G707A-1994 G707A-1994, Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage $99.99 - 50-pack
G709-2001 G709-2001, Proposal Request $49.99 - 50-pack
G710-1992 G710-1992, Architect's Supplemental Instructions $49.99 - 50-pack
G711-1972 G711-1972, Architect's Field Report $49.99 - 50-pack
G712-1972 G712-1972, Shop Drawing and Sample Record $49.99 - 50-pack
G714-2007 G714-2007, Construction Change Directive $49.99 - 50-pack
G714CMa-1992 G714CMa-1992, Construction Change Directive, Construction Manager-Adviser Edition $49.99 - 50-pack
G715-1991 G715-1991 Supplemental Attachment for Acord Certificate of Insurance 25-S (7/90) $49.99 - 50-pack
G716-2004 G716-2004 Request for Information $49.99 - 50-pack
G732-2009 (formerly G702CMA- 1992) G732-2009 (formerly G702CMA- 1992), Application and Certificate for Payment, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition $99.99 - 50-pack
G736-2009 (formerly G722CMa-1992) G736-2009 (formerly G722CMa-1992), Project Application and Project Certificate for Payment, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition; and G737-2009 (formerly G723CMa-1992), Summary of Contractors' Applications for Payment, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition $49.99 - 50-pack


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