Emerging Professionals Network

Providing networking, professional development, and social opportunities to give back to the community through design for unlicensed, newly licensed and other young professionals up to 10 years after registration.

Emerging Professionals Network

The Emerging Professionals Network provides development activities and programs including, but not limited to, community design projects, social events, workshops, and mentorship.

The Emerging Professionals Network has three overriding goals:

  • To make AIA membership valuable to young architects and develop the future leadership of the profession.
  • To encourage professional growth and leadership development among recently licensed architects through interaction and collaboration within the AIA and allied groups.
  • To build a national network and serve as a collective voice for young architects by working to ensure that issues of particular relevance to young architects are appropriately addressed by the Institute.


The Network also puts together ARE Prep/Licensing programs and events for those that are working towards licensure. Check them out here