Moore Design Group

Moore Design Group
Dallas, TX 75204

Job Post Date: May 15, 2019

Interior Architect I / Designer I

Be a part of something truly amazing.

The successful candidate will join Moore Design Group, an award-winning boutique interior design firm, contributing interior architecture documentation and design.

MDG specializes in multi-family interior design, merging aspects of corporate, hospitality, retail & residential design.

An “interior architect / designer” holds a degree in architecture or interior design. This role complements interior designers and project managers.

The MDG team is incredibly fortunate to interact as friends and family. We work hard and care about each other. We are seeking a talented professional whose personality, pace & attitude blend well with our upbeat team.


This is a junior level full-time or part-time position. Current expertise in all these areas is not expected, growing aptitude is.

Construction documents – Communicate design intent to owners & contractors.

Coordination – Share interior design with project team to reduce construction conflicts & achieve unified project.

Code compliance & accessibility – Spaces should protect and enable visitors

Sculpting interior space – We don’t accept the status quo, we reshape it. Then we light it.

Lighting – Utilize lighting principles and fixture selections to enhance the interior & finishes.

Site visits – Occasional site visits to observe construction are required
Interior detailing – Understand how interior projects are built & how to achieve the design intent.

Follow the rules – Observe drawing standards & office standards.

Break the rules – Suggest opportunities for improvement.



Degree – 4-year degree in architecture or interior design, minimum.

AutoCad & Sketchup - Proficiency required

PhotoShop – Familiarity is helpful.

Clear communication – meaningful & accurate exchange of information.

Great attitude – Excellence is a team sport. Accompanied by humor.

Self-directed – Know when you need direction & ask for it.

Dispute resolution – Different opinions contribute. Hostility does not.

Contribute – Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Even the owner loads the dishwasher. Yes, this is a metaphor. And not.


This is a career path, not a job. You are not a cog in the machine. We desire that you evolve and that your role transform with you.

Resourceful – Know when to research & where.

Collaborate – We are better & more creative together.

Life-long learner – Professional education just starts with your degree.

Dream big – Entrepreneurial ideas may flourish into new lines of business.



Experience – MDG is nearing our 30th anniversary as a company.

Awards – It’s a long list, too big to fit here.

Relationships – Some client relationships span decades. So do some employees.

Licensure – The MDG team includes registered interior designers & a registered architect.

Each original project features custom details, unique lighting, unique furniture & special finishes. Each can be a puzzling jewel box. Expect to be challenged.

Thanks for reading this far.

Regarding the extended benefits package, MDG has enjoyed team trips to BDNY (2017) and HD Expo (2019) and is typically closed for a week of vacation at year end.


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