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Moody Nolan

5001 Spring Valley Road
Suite 225E
Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: 2143778662

Firm Description

Moody Nolan is much more than an architecture firm. At heart, we’re entrepreneurs. We adapt
our talents quickly to address each client’s unique vision. In doing so, we create functional yet
iconic design statements that respond to ever-evolving spaces, aesthetics and site dynamics.
Simply put, spaces that perform and inspire.

Our firm designs more than $750 million of building construction each year. As the largest
African American owned and managed firm in the country, we maintain a strong commitment
to diversity in our staff, as well as our approach to solving client problems. Our expertise in a
broad range of industries allows us to think inventively and design solutions that are responsive
to client needs.

As creative problem solvers, we meet you where you are, giving every client access to the right
people and thinking, at just the right time. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we have offices in
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Covington, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, New York
City and Washington, DC.

One of our distinguishing qualities is our embrace of responsive architecture, a process that
requires creative minds to listen intently, analyze effectively and deliver innovative, functional
and aesthetically pleasing facilities while addressing clients’ programs, budgets, and scheduling
needs. Early in our firm’s history, we determined that this best-practice approach to satisfying
our clients needed to be a firm-wide strategy. By providing multiple ideas, listening and working
collaboratively with our clients, we create effective, custom solutions for each unique site,
program, and community.


Architecture, BIM, Design, Interior Design, Master Planning, Project / Program Management, Rendering / Delineation, Site Analysis/ Site Evaluating and Planning, Space Planning, Sustainable Design

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