The FGI Guidelines have a long standing goal of developing requirements that create a safe environment for healthcare facilities that protect its inhabitants, both from a patient and from a caregiver perspective. While Texas' current rules have the same or similar goal, discussing the differences between the two and how that will affect the design and construction of health facilities in Texas is vital to ensure the public's health quality is protected.

This course is focused on the transition and differences between the current adopted Rules and the 2018 FGI Guidelines that will be used for the design and construction of hospitals in Texas for future projects.

Tina Duncan focuses on the technical aspects of healthcare design and understanding how regulatory requirements will affect the built environment. Tina has over 17 years of experience as a project architect and healthcare planner which enabled her transition into the complex field of codes.  She is the chair of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health Codes and Standards committee, a member of the Health Guidelines Revision Committee for the FGI, a certified building official, a certified accessibility reviewer, and the 2020 Chair of the AIA Dallas Codes and Standards committee.  She understands the importance of code and regulation compliance while looking beyond the immediate to seek a creative and appropriate solution using the underlying principles and intent.

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