Peter Brown, FAIA, will discuss recent work with a start-up educational organization based in New York City that is creating a global network of Pre K-12 schools in vibrant cities around the globe. Working with educators and design teams, Peter's responsibilities include leading a global design initiative to reimagine educational facilities that align with modern and personalized educational concepts. 

To create a consistent user and brand experience, Peter engaged noted architects and engineering firms, including Renzo-Piano Building Workshop and Arup, for projects located in the world's major cities, including Shenzhen, Suzhou, Washington DC, and New York as well as pre-design development sites in Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Nanjing, London and Silicon Valley. 

Peter's presentation explores educational ideas that form a spring-board for innovative educational architecture, illustrates design concepts for urban and dense sites, and explores modern planning and design concepts for transformative education. 

Through the session, participants will gain insights in four key areas: 

- ideas shaping concepts for globally educational models.

- user experience as drivers for school design.

- schools for urban locations.

- an architecture to support a modern, global, and personalized teaching and learning process.



Peter Brown, FAIA, collaborates with exemplary educators and architects to design engaging environments for learning. 

With fluency in all aspects of educational operations, Peter believes space engages people in deep and magical ways, having lifelong impacts on the sensibilities of both children and communities. Focusing on the 'where' of learning, Peter often serves as a translator of educational ideas to architectural and spatial responses.

Peter’s expertise in creating innovative learning environments is honed by working alongside innovative educators and architects alike—including many of the world's most respected practitioners, schools, districts, institutions, and architectural firms.

In 2007, Peter founded Peter Brown Architects—an agency for design that engages with owners, school organizations, and architects to construct thoughtful connections between program and place, creating meaningful environments for teaching and learning. 

Notably and recently, Peter served as Global Head of Design for Whittle School & Studios, leading an international design effort to create the first global network of modern schools—30 campuses in 30 of the world’s most vibrant cities. In this role, Peter engaged renowned firms—including Renzo Piano Building Workshop and London-based Arup—to work collaboratively envisioning design and experience as foundational components in reimagining education. During a period from 2016 to 2020, Peter led design and engineering teams for projects in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Washington DC, and New York as well as pre-design development sites in Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Nanjing, London and Silicon Valley. In fall of 2019, two schools on two continents opened in two days—one in Shenzhen and one in Washington DC. 

Prior to establishing an independent practice, Peter was a principal at Perkins & Will, serving as Global Market Sector Leader for K-12 Education. Based in Chicago from 1995-2004, during a time of sweeping pedagogy shifts, Peter worked with teams around the country and extensively in Asia to create school facility models that align with changing educational programs. Peter then relocated to Perkins & Will Dallas to start a K-12 practice in Texas with their newly acquired office. Peter was the project principal for the award winning Hector Garcia Middle School in Oak Cliff, a project that provided a positive shift in how the market thought about school facilities and sustainable public buildings in the city.

An advocate for modern architecture, over the last two decades Peter has led design efforts to re-energize schools designed by innovative modern architects, including buildings by Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Gunnar Birkerts, Fumihiko Maki, John Andrews, Paul Rudolph, and many others. Sensibilities to modernism and its relationship to educational design provides a deep insight into design that transcends time and geography.

Having received numerous awards, his work is shared openly with the profession and reaches thousands of educators and students who teach and learn in his projects each day.

Currently, Peter is working with organizations and initiatives to understand potentially lasting impacts of COVID-19 on school operations and facilities. On June 25, he will be a panelist on the web-series Breaking Down the Silos: The Future of Design and Learning Environments, organized by the AIA Committee on Architecture and Education Research Sub-Committee. Peter will join two leading thought leaders, an educator and CIO, to discuss current challenges and initiatives underway.


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