Learn how to design high performance façade systems that can achieve any color, texture
or shape delivering a resilient exterior that will stand the test of time.

 Understand the resilient nature of architectural precast concrete as well as mix design composition,
finish techniques and the sample and mock-up process.
 Conceptualize color, form and texture through materials, molds and formliners. Understand which
tools can help ensure an economical design.
 Learn about color and texture advancements, which can achieve most any effect and simulate
materials such as coral stone, marble, limestone and more.
 Learn how surface materials can be embedded into precast to achieve various looks such as: thin
brick, terracotta, dimensional stone, and porcelain tile.


Gate Precast Company operates nine manufacturing facilities with a diverse product line of prefabricated concrete systems for structures. With a delivery area encompassing more than two-thirds of the U.S., Gate Precast maintains its reputation for superior quality while continuously engaging with academia, design-assist partners and others in the construction industry to research and develop innovative prefabricated products and finishes for the built environment. With that focus, Gate Precast provides designers greater freedom through a resilient product. Owners receive more cost certainty through lower life-cycle costs and builders get an accelerated project schedule with cleaner, safer jobsites. Their many award-winning projects embody this focus.

Gate’s capabilities extend beyond that of the ordinary precast producer. They are widely known for their design-assist collaboration on projects. Their team engages stakeholders early in a project’s design to find creative and efficient solutions that minimize cost, streamline schedules and above all yield quality precast concrete systems tailored for the client’s specific needs.

With over 90 BIM technicians trained in Revit Structure, Gate models all projects in BIM enabling their precast designers and detailers to make design tweaks more easily and efficiently – a necessity in today’s fast-paced world of design and construction. BIM has exponentially improved the design-assist process by improving the flow and sharing of information across a consistent platform and enabling team members to perpetuate that model in the construction documents.

Gate Precast Company is committed to the research and development of new product lines and engineering advances that expand the versatility and resiliency of precast systems, which provides the design community an expansive range of options to explore new ways to benefit the end user.


All registrants will receive a link to the virtual meeting room the day before the event.