With the cost of liquid PVDF paints going up and severe shortages hitting the market, now is a great time to be looking into alternative performance coatings – and the additional sustainability and embodied carbon advantages don’t hurt either. We promise to make what should be a “dry subject” (pun intended) as fun and interesting as possible!

·     What is sustainable powder coating?

·     How is powder manufactured and applied and how does this deliver technical beneficial to architectural projects?

·     Powder suitability to various architectural applications

·     High performance Architectural grade powders – exterior and interior grade powders, learning the difference

·     How powder meets and exceeds with the AAMA specifications

·     The sustainability advantages of powder coatings – meeting your sustainability and embodied carbon goals

·     Powder for the designer – colors and effects

·     Choosing and specifying powder coatings – the practical tips

PRESENTER:  Fiona Levin-Smith, IFS Coatings