Home electronics should integrate seamlessly into a home’s design and deĢcor. This course reviews the three-pronged approach to hiding technology—advance planning, design philosophy, and product selection—which are available for minimizing the visual impact of electronics without compromising performance. Specific challenges and recommendations related to hiding video displays, projectors, speakers, controls, cameras, and equipment racks— among others—will be addressed. This course speaks to innovative and creative ways to lessen the visual impact of electronics by making them low-profile, hidden or camouflaged, or even invisible!

Presenter:  Keith Brown
Keith Brown is the Manager of Marketing for Bravas, the only nationwide provider of luxury, design-driven, smart home systems. Bravas works with interior designers, architects and custom home builders to incorporate intuitive technology into their client's homes. These systems include A/V, automation, security, lighting design and control, motorized shading, and more. Keith Brown also serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Dallas Executives Association.