Overview: Discuss powder coatings detailing what powder coating is and the history of, manufacturing and applications, powder coating specifications, and concluding with features and benefits. Use of environmentally friendly, VOC free powder coating versus solvent based liquid coatings and unlimited color options also discussed.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand what powder coating is and how it differs from liquid coatings
• Know the history of powder coating and how it has evolved over the years
• Review application processes and how those processes have changed over time
• Understand the advantages of powder coating over liquid coatings in application, durability, safety, and environmental friendliness

Presenter: Stirling Morris, CSI,CDT
From design conception through facility management, Stirling has a wealth of experience working with Developers, Design Professionals, and Contractors to assist in creating successful projects in the built environment. Combined with an appreciation of globalization and continuous improvement practices relative to sustainability in the construction industry, he has learned that there is never one right answer, but there is ALWAYS a better answer.