Group health insurance can be complex, this learning program will simplify it.  We start with the basics of health insurance plans, deductible, copays, coinsurance, out of pocket max and Rx.  Next we will discuss the how the plan basics impact the premium for the numerous plans available.  Health plans can be in the form of a PPO, HMO or HDHP, we’ll define and differentiate each of these.  The pricing methodology for plans is different for groups under and over 50 full-time employees, we’ll explain.  Any of the plans can be in a fully funded or level funded model (if over 5 employees). Level funded model offers significant cost savings for healthy and relatively healthy groups! We’ll wrap with employer compliance and contribution strategies.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the key features of a health insurance plan and how they impact premiums and out of pocket expenses for employer and employee.

Learning Objective 2: Know the difference between PPO, HMO & HDHP when comparing health plans and determine what plan(s) may be best for your firms’ culture and employee needs.

Learning Objective 3: Capability to determine if a Fully Insured or a Level Funded plans is best for you.

Learning Objective 4: Know Compliance, IRS and insurance carrier requirements for the plans you offer and how the employer contributes to the cost of the benefits for employees and employee groups.

Learning Objective 5: Understand how to evaluate the risk & reward associated with plans that can vary in price by as much as 50%.

PRESENTER:  Sid Blache, Lagniappe Dallas