Building practitioners are constantly trying to develop more energy efficient buildings while maintaining and/or improving the human comfort.  The roof area has a significant role and great potential to be utilized for both energy savings (Energy Efficiency) and energy generation (Renewable Energy). Energy savings could be realized by innovative daylighting roof design, which potentially results in electric lighting energy consumption reductions. Also, renewable energy generation, such as through solar PV installation, is a very typical implementation on the roof area. Therefore, there is no question on the importance of better utilizing roofs in buildings. Currently, however, the roof design is often not an integrated effort between architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants.

Join us to explore the importance of 1) selecting the appropriate roof type and size, 2) maximizing and optimizing the use of the roof in a commercial building and 3) adopting a systematic approach to design and develop roofs as a key platform to achieve net zero energy buildings by 2025 and carbon-neutral buildings by 2030.


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