Residential architecture is a discipline within the architecture field which focuses on the design of residences, ranging from single-family homes to condos and apartment complexes. There are a number of concerns which are unique to residential architecture, and skilled residential architects can be in high demand. Some of the most famous architects in the world are noted for their work on residences, including Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect noted for his innovative, distinctive, and totally unique home designs, many of which continue to be highly treasured decades after their construction.

Residential design can be a juggling act – balancing code and regulatory issues, safety, functionality, beauty, and, most importantly, the unique needs and expectations of the client. With the variety of construction types – from new builds to renovations and restorations, and range of scales – from tiny homes to multifamily, it can be challenging to keep up with shifting trends, tastes, and best practices. What are the new and emerging trends in residential design? What are key features owners and buyers want and purchase? Join this program to learn about innovation in practice, design, and construction techniques from working on custom residential commissions.


The Bespoke Home, 1.0 LU - Nicholas McWhirter, AIA, SHM Architects

Paint Technology: Chemistry and Performance, 1.0 HSW - Jose Veliz, Benjamin Moore & Company

Hidden Technology for The Modern Home, 1.0 LU - Steve Elliston, Elliston Systems & Design, Inc.

Designing and Specifying Custom Windows for Luxury Residences, 1.0 HSW - Tanner Bell, Pella Windows & Doors

Residential Solar Systems and Roofing, 1.0 HSW - Nick Powell, ARS Metal Supply

Residential vs Everything Else: Why Houses Differ from Other Architectural Projects, 1.0 HSW - Michael Malone, FAIA, MMB Architects

Applying the Framework for Design Excellence to Residential Projects, 1.0 HSW - Megan Recher, AIA, Perkins & Will


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