Energy efficiency is often defined as achieving the same services with less energy. This definition grossly understates the power of energy efficiency to provide benefits beyond energy savings for society and for the economy. Energy efficiency helps reduce energy costs, achieve a lower carbon footprint and meet environmental targets. All this while protecting our energy security through lower dependency on energy imports. Powering buildings can make up 75 percent of a city’s carbon pollution, yet much of that energy is wasted through drafty windows and outdated technology.

Energy efficient building design involves constructing or upgrading buildings that are able to get the most work out of the energy that is supplied to them by taking steps to reduce usage and/or energy loss.


Energy Performance with Modern Glazing, 1.0 HSW/SD - Stirling Morris, Sierra Pacific

VRF Technology and Core Features, 1.0 HSW - Corey Hines, Daikin

Accessibility Compliance: Measuring Twice & Cutting Once, 1.0 HSW/Barrier Free - Fred Cawyer, AIA, Accessibility Resource Specialists

Strategies for Energy Efficiency, 1.0 HSW/SD - Roger Taylor, Energy Systems Consulting

more to come!


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