The City of Dallas considers the Hall of State building as the most important restoration project currently underway in the State of Texas, second only to the Alamo. The restoration focus is on the exterior of the building, bringing it back to how it was experienced in the 1936 period by Fairgound visitors. Gensler is overseeing the restoration of this historic landmark and has also designed and added accessibility to allow all guests to experience the building with equal facilitation. Walter P. Moore serves as the envelope consultant and forensic engineer.  Through detailed testing and scrutinization of existing documents and field investigation, WPM provided a framework to retain as much of the original exterior finishes and systems.  In compliance with the requirements, upon completion in 2020 by contractor Phoenix 1, the work will be submitted for approval by Dallas Landmark Commission, Texas Historic Commission, and Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation.

Humidity control is essential to storing and display of historic artifacts.  Gensler project manager Brian Nicodemus guided the team through a process that took a “whole building approach” to solving many of the issues faced by the Dallas Historic Society in the Hall of State.  The intent of this approach was not to focus on individual symptoms but to collectively solve issues such as interior humidity.  Project Architect Felicia Santiago coordinated with all consultants and the contractor to provide the path to solving the issues of humidity control by diverting water from the building’s envelope with new waterproofing membranes, façade repair, window restoration, and site regrading.

Dale Sellers founded Phoenix 1 Restoration and Construction, Ltd. in 1999 based on his passion for historic restoration and the idea that historic restoration and preservation plays an important role in our cultural heritage and our entire built environment.  Dale and his team are the stewards of our collective cherished history at Fair Park.  Phoenix 1 project manager Regina Chellew has provided guidance and coordination between subject matter experts such as the conservator for the study and restoration of the elements that make up the whole building approach.

TOUR LEADER:  Brian Nicodemus, AIA, RID, NCARB, Gensler
With two decades of experience specializing in county, municipal, regional, and civic facilities within Dallas/Fort Worth and the greater U.S., Brian is a successful consensus‐builder. Highly experienced in coordinating seamlessly amongst multiple stakeholders on complex government and community projects, he excels in creating a collaborative working environment in which all parties feel their voices are heard. Brian has a rare gift of finding common ground amongst various viewpoints, and ensuring that every stakeholder has fully participated in the final outcome of a project. His passion for civic and community work is driven by a desire to give back to the public officials who sacrifice to serve their community. An award‐winning architect skilled at balancing budgets and managing complex teams, Brian’s greatest passion is to serve those who serve others.

THIS IS A HARD HAT TOUR REQUIRING FULL PPE.  Each registrant must bring their own hard hat, safety vest, closed-toe shoes and long pants to be admitted to the construction site.

You are welcome to join a representative of the architect and the contractor for lunch after the tour.  Lunch is not included in the cost of the tour.