The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) is a network of affiliated architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and others located in major cities across the United States. The Dallas BEC was formed to address durability, design and the unique air, moisture and thermal performance challenges of building enclosures in Texas.

Presentation: The Art and Science of Restoration

Building a sustainable future begins with restoring our past. Preserving architecture through building restoration is a sustainable, responsible use of resources. What is sustainable construction if not preserving what we've already built?

This course takes a look at the unique challenges related to building restoration. It will discuss common problems buildings face, the impact of moisture penetration and explore effective solutions for restoring and protecting building facades. The program will conclude with a discussion on best practices and the importance of selecting compatible materials.

Presenters:  Eddie De Haro and Patrick Jorski, Master Builders Solutions

Patrick Jorski  (Parking and Stadium Restoration Specialist) and Eddie De Haro (Commercial Sales Building and Restoration Specialist) have been in the industry for over 20 years specializing in Commercial Sales and Restoration.  Working closely with the Architectural, Engineering and Building Consultant field with expertise in waterproofing, resinous flooring, deck membranes, concrete repair, water repellents, waterproof wall coatings, air and water barriers, FRP and joint sealants.  Specialize in partnering to troubleshoot and problem solve for the new commercial construction and existing building envelope to repair and protect.