Join us at this free information session to find out how the AIA Dallas Success Teams Program can help you pass the ARE; and how you can be a part of it.


What is the ARE Success Teams Program?

The ARE Success Teams Program is an accelerated study program designed to support ARE candidates through a structured and focused approach. During the program, we will provide the materials, mentorship, and camaraderie needed to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). The program is comprised of recurring study sessions where all participants gather and go over study materials, study tips, exam experiences, and occasionally compete in friendly ARE Trivia games or attend ARE lectures.

What is the goal of the ARE Success Teams Program?

Each participant in the program will commit to taking either one or both tracks of the program in approximately a 4-month period (for a single track) or an 8-month period (for both tracks); and will pass the ARE and one step closer to becoming a licensed architect. Everyone in the program is expected to continue to offer support to their fellow teammates until every member of the group passes all six of his or her divisions.

Who can participate in the Program?

Associates with an active NCARB Record, who are eligible to test, are welcome. Participants are required to show proof of ARE Eligibility from NCARB. AIA members will enjoy a discounted rate to enroll in the program.


Second cohort of the 2020 program kicks off in mid July:

  • Design Track (PA - PPD - PDD) - Jul 21, and subsequent Tuesdays for up to 21 weeks 
  • Pro-Practice Track (PcM - PjM - CE) - Jul 22, and subsequent Wednesdays for up to 17 weeks


To apply, please fill out this formDeadline for the 2020 Cohort 2 program is July 10, 2019 to enroll in either of the two July tracks. Spots are limited, you are NOT confirmed until the application has been reviewed and evaluated. Once accepted, a confirmation will be sent to you by EOB July 14, with instructions to secure your spot. 


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