What Is a Success Team?

It's an accelerated study program designed to support ARE candidates through a structured and focused approach, providing the materials, mentorship, and camaraderie needed to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). The program will feature recurring meetings, where all participants gather with program mentors, and trade study materials, study tips, exam experiences, and compete in friendly ARE Trivia games. 

Who Can Participate in a Success Team?

Associates with an active NCARB Record, who are eligible to test, are welcome. Participants are required to show proof of ARE Eligibility from NCARB. AIA members will enjoy a discounted rate to enroll in the program.

Why should you Participate in a Success Team?

Many ARE candidates have difficulties passing the ARE. Success Team program offers an opportunity for candidates to find support, share successes (and failures), and get questions answered. The Success Team program is structured to encourage ARE candidates so they can stay on track & not delay testing/studying. The program provides access to study materials, and mentors.




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