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***ARE 5.0 candidates studying for PDD and PPD will benefit from this lecture***


ARE Prep Lecture: Building Design & Construction Systems

Presented by: David Brewerton | OMNIPLAN

This customized course will lead to competency in systems and processes involved in building design and construction. The application of knowledge and skills of building design and construction, including environmental, social and economic issues, project and practice management. Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to:

• Incorporate the implications of human behavior, historic precedent and design theory in the selection of systems, materials and methods

• Consider the principles of sustainable design including adaptive re-use, thermal and moisture protection, and hazardous material mitigation

• Analyze the implication of design decisions in the selection of systems, material and methods incorporated in building design and construction

• Assess the implication of construction sequencing, scheduling, cost and risk management


Pizza and drinks will be provided only for those that pre-register.

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