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Nicholas Kovach
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Nicholas Kovach

Technology at 40... Just Getting Started!

There's an exciting future for the AIA Dallas TAP Committee.

Pardon me for getting a bit nostalgic, but after celebrating a milestone birthday, I felt it necessary. When I helped start the Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) committee at AIA Dallas about 2 years ago, I didn't know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much support I received from the architectural community, committee members and AIA Dallas staff.

In the first year, with help from Marty Huie, the committee put together some incredible quarterly events and engaging lunch conversations every month.  As we ended 2013 and moved into 2014, our new chairs, Steve Valenta and Colin Stanley, continued to be instrumental in moving the committee forward and keeping the topics current and exciting during a very busy time for the profession (and for all of us).

So, what is in store for the remainder of 2014 and for our committee?

Well, the answer is new technology. More specifically, in August we plan to discuss the continued move toward the “paperless office” using new technology and what this means for an industry that is so reliant on paper for documentation. We will try to pinpoint some of the successes and failures in an honest discussion on what this means for our future deliverables. 

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying “The future depends on what you do today.” Therefore, today I would like to extend a hand to all of our current committee members, and an invitation to those that have never attended our meetings to help continue this dialogue into the future.

Please join us at our monthly committee meetings at noon on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and watch for upcoming events from TAP!