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Call for Nominations - TxA Community Honors Awards

We want your suggestions for the Chapter's nominations for TxA Honor Awards.

The Community Honors Committee is tasked every year to advocate for the individuals and groups who are promoting, improving and expanding our profession.  We nominate and create the submission packets for awards given out by Texas Society of Architects (TxA), AIA National and by our local Chapter.  It is a role we take seriously and we strive to think outside of the box to recognize all of those who are having a meaningful impact on our community.

This year the Committee is excited to take nomination suggestions from our membership for the TxA Annual Honor Awards.  Any member of AIA Dallas can suggest a nominee for the committee to consider.  In order to do this, you need to tell us the candidates name, which award you are nominating them for and write a small paragraph that explains how they meet the criteria for the award.  Once all suggestions are compiled, the committee will be going over all submissions to determine the best nominee for each award.


The Texas Society of Architects Honor Awards include the following:

Architecture Firm Award
Established in 1996 the Architecture Firm Award is presented to a Texas firm that has consistently produced distinguished architecture and has contributed significantly to the profession and the community for a period of at least ten (10) years.  This award is the highest honor the Texas Society of Architects can confer upon an architectural firm.

Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Honor of Llewellyn W. Pitts, FAIA
The Medal for Lifetime Achievement is awarded to a member in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished leadership and dedication to architecture, the profession and to the community.  the medal is the Texas Society of Architects' highest honor, awarded in memory of Llewellyn W. Pitts, FAIA, to publicly recognize architects, who by their example and service have made significant contributions to the advancement of the profession and service to the community.

Award for Young Professional Achievement in Honor of William W. Caudill, FAIA
The Texas Society of Architects' Award for Young Professional Achievement is awarded to an architect member who has shown exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the professional in the early stage of their architectural career.

Award for Community Service in Honor of James D. Pfluger, FAIA
The Texas Society of Architects' Award for Community Service recognizes an individual member, component or architecture firm for an extended commitment to the community service and/or significant contributions to the community evidenced in a positive impact on urban, environmental or neighborhood issues.

Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions in Honor of Edward Romieniec, FAIA
The Texas Society of Architects' Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions recognizes an individual architectural educator for outstanding educational contributions.

Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture Through the Media in Honor of John G. Flowers, Hon. AIA
The Award recognizes an individual or organization for excellence in the promotion of architecture through the media.  Media is a broad category and can include written materials, radio/TV, web and digital format.

Associate of the Year Award
Texas Society of Architects' Associate Member of the Year Award is presented to an Associate AIA member who best exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to their local component or Texas' membership, through service to the profession, and/or in the community.

Mentorship Award
Awarded to a member or a Texas Component for developing unique programming for the successful development of or extraordinary effort to mentor and promote the advancement of Associate AIA Members in their local AIA component or the state component, Texas Society of Architects.

Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership in the Texas Society of Architects is one of the highest honors the Society can bestow upon a person outside the profession of architecture, and is awarded to an individual for their long-term association with architects, architecture, or allied professions in providing a better quality of life in Texas.  Honorary Membership is awarded for accomplishments of the nominee, which are truly outstanding and of statewide significance.

Citation of Honor
The Citation of Honor is awarded to individuals, groups or organizations outside the profession whose activities make significant contributions in supporting the creation of safe, beautiful, sustainable environments in Texas.

Artisan Award
The Texas Society of Architects' Artisan Award is presented to individuals, groups or organizations outside the profession whose artistry, talent, technique, diligence, creative insight and collaborative nature support the creation of safe, beautiful, sustainable environments and make significant contributions to the built and natural environment in Texas.


If you know a person, firm or organization that meets the award qualifications above please let us know.  We want to acknowledge these people for the incredible work they do and for the strong impact they have.

Please click HERE to submit a nomination.
Nominations are due by April 4, 2014, 12:00 PM