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Dallas, TX 75240

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Firm Description

We are EcoShield International, nationally certified applicators of a LEED certified green alternative to stucco called Thermal CorkShield.  Our product can be incorporated into new construction or applied to existing stucco, brick, metal, cinder block, concrete, flat roofs or wood exteriors providing a beautiful color and texture.

This proprietary blend of cork, resins and polymers is more flexible than stucco and more durable than paint which saves your clients on future maintenance costs.  Additionally, Thermal CorkShield provides a thermal barrier which means your clients will save on energy bills for years to come.  Another benefit of Thermal CorkShield is that it creates an acoustic barrier.  Best of all, our product and our service come with a ten year warranty.

Please visit our website to learn more about EcoShield International and Thermal CorkShield.   Call and we can schedule a time to discuss how we can benefit your company and clients.



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